An open source Discord Bot List made with GatsbyJS - Maintained @lepon01 @AlexFlipnote
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Discord Fork Botlist, The botlist with built in GitHub integration

A Discord Bot List with no dedicated servers, running entirely on Netlify and AWS Lambda

Add your bot via the E-Zed editor


  • Deploy to Netlify
    • By creating a fork, you accept the terms of the LICENCE.
  • View builds


  • Node.js 8.x


gatsby develop
  Start the development server

gatsby build
  Build Discord_Fork

First Setup

git clone [repo]
git submodule init
git submodule update
npm i -g gatsby
npm i
gatsby develop

Authentication Server

Authentication is now handled by an AWS Lambda function.

To set up authentication:

  1. Open Netlify
  2. Inside Settings, click Build & Deploy
  3. Scroll down to Build environment variables, and enter relevant values for CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET from GitHub OAuth.

Image showing the "Build Environment Variables" box

Set as your callback URL in GitHub.


View all dependencies which made Discord_Fork possible

Technical Support

Please understand the terms of the licence before asking for support.

Technical Support Chat