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What is test-more?

Test::More is the most popular library for writing tests in Perl.

use Test::More tests => 1;
is( 1 + 1, 2, "one plus one is two" );

test-more contains four libraries.

Test::Tutorial - Let us take you by the hand and walk through writing your first tests in Perl. Testing is not hard, and it's just like writing any other program.

Test::Simple - A gentle introduction to writing tests in Perl using the single most powerful testing function, ok().

Test::More - Upward compatible with Test::Simple, Test::More provides most of the testing functions you will need. This is your Perl testing bread and butter.

Test::Builder - When Test::More doesn't do it, write your own test functions using Test::Builder!

(test-more is also known as Test-Simple)

Please join us on the Perl Quality Assurance group and in the issue tracker. We enjoy hearing from you and use the issue tracker liberally.

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