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Here it is, finally! The 3.5 full release after a long time of spitting out dev builds. But do check the dev builds for the changes.

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Example Rotate Spell Config

  spell-class: ".targeted.RotateSpell"
  rotation: 10
  rotation-pitch: 0
  affect-pitch: false
  mimic-direction: false
  face-target: false
  face-caster: false

Notes: rotation only affects the Yaw value of an entity

New Features:

rotation-pitch: adds/remove pitch of an entity

affect-pitch: a safe flag for if you want the pitch unaffected. This must be true for rotation-pitch to work

mimic-direction: mimics the direction of the target/caster so that the target/caster faces in the same relative direction.

face-caster: forces the target to face the caster

face-target: forces the caster to face the target

Cool Ideas:

You can make a cut scene with the new rotate spell features. Simple set face-target to true and have a mob be followed as it moves across a screen.

You can make a dummy npc that faces your direction by constantly spamming it with face-caster rotate spells.

Sky's the limit...
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Spell Options:
    type: blocktype(string)
    relative-offset: relativeOffset(x,y,z)
    spell: spell casted when a new wave forms(string)
    spell-on-end: requires remove-previous-blocks to be set to false, casts it when all block waves are gone(string)
    spell-on-wave-remove: requires remove-previous-blocks to be set to true, casts on the previous removed wave(string)
    radius: radius of the nova(int)
    start-radius: start radius of the nova(int)
    height-per-tick: height per new wave(int)
    expand-interval: interval between forming a new wave(int)
    expanding-radius-change: how big should each wave be, in blocks(int)
    visible-range: visible range of the nova(double)
    point-blank: point blank(boolean)
    circle-shape: whether the nova should be a circle or a square(boolean)
    remove-previous-blocks: whether it should remove the previous wave of blocks(boolean)
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    - remove-previous-blocks (boolean) (requires an expanding nova effect) whether it should remove the previous wave of blocks
    - start-radius (int) the start radius of the first wave of blocks
    - height-per-tick (int) changes the height of the next wave of blocks by the set value (positive numbers increase the height, negative decrease it)
    - circle-shape (boolean) whether the shape of the blocks should be a circle (to form a square set it to false, to form a circle set it to true)
    - no longer spawns stone items at the block position
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| Materialize Spell | - New Features
area | Define an area of blocks to materialize
Area must support a block as its geometrical center!

height | Define the area's height to materialize
fall-height | Change how high falling blocks fall from

use-pattern - enables the use of patterns

patterns - define a list of blocks to be used per row.
If they are more rows than pattern lists, it will repeat
It will go through until the pattern lists are all used up

restart-pattern-each-row - Normally, the pattern continues through if it has been reset. 41,42 pattern will continue within a 3x3 becoming...


This options makes it...


randomize-pattern - Literally randomizes a row's pattern
stretch-pattern - Generates 1 floor then stretches that result until the height is reached

Thanks once again, Shadoward12 for the inspiration from his pattern spell.