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Epitome is a free and open-source online platform of mass deliberation and consensus decision-making, developed for communities and groups of any size or need. By selecting from available subsystems and features, societies, universities, corporations, organizations and in general any form of community can customize and use Epitome as their decision-making instrument. The decision-making process and moderation of the platform is managed entirely by its members, eliminating needs for representatives, administrators or intermediates of any kind.

Instead of yes-or-no referendums, through Epitome, communities and groups are able to act as self-regulating living organisms, allowing them to detect issues, propose solutions to those issues, collaborate and collectively improve them, and select the most fitting among the top ones.



For Linux distributions, you can take a look at the Autoinstaller script that downloads and installs epitome to your system with a few clicks.

For manual installation take a look at


Take a look at

AGPL3 Django