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Data and code behind the Economist's Graphic Detail section.
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The Economist Graphic Detail data

This repository holds the data for many of the Graphic Detail pages, published weekly in The Economist and online at We are not able to share the data from every issue, but when we can, it will be shared here.

Published Repository Article
2018-10-20 The space race is dominated by new contenders 🔗
2018-10-27 The Chinese century is well under way 🔗
2018-11-03 Which countries are most likely to fight wars? 🔗
2018-11-24 TV’s golden age is real 🔗
2018-12-01 Europeans sour on elites and the EU, but agree on little else  🔗
2019-01-19 Managers in football matter much less than most fans think  🔗
2019-02-02 By expanding settlements, Israel faces stark choices about its future  🔗
2019-02-23 A polarised electorate has little desire for the government's compromise  🔗
2019-03-02 The Oscars’ influence has waned 🔗
2019-03-24 Economic growth does not guarantee rising happiness 🔗
2019-07-06 If everyone had voted, Hillary Clinton would probably be president 🔗


This software is published by The Economist under the MIT licence. The data generated by The Economist are available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

The licences include only the data and the software authored by The Economist, and do not cover any Economist content or third-party data or content made available using the software. More information about licensing, syndication and the copyright of Economist content can be found here.

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