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Intel 8086 CPU Emulator

An Intel 8086 CPU Emulator written in pure PHP.

Project Outlines

The project outlines as described in my blog post about Open Source Software Collaboration.

  • The main purpose of this software is to emulate the Intel 8086 CPU using pure PHP.
  • The features should not go beyond Intel's features and functions. So the features of this software are limited to those of the Intel 8086 CPU.
  • This list is open. Feel free to request features.

Compile the BIOS

Run make bios/bios.


In order to have a TTY for the in- and output you can specify --tty <path>. This will start a socat subprocess to create an interface between PHP and TTY. The TTY then can be accessed using screen.

Optional, to use a different installation path for the socat binary you can specify --socat <path>.

  1. Install socat.
  2. Open a shell and run ./bin/
  3. Open another shell and run ./bin/


  • Byte - 8 bit, one single character.
  • Word - 16 bit, or 2 Byte.

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