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Battle of AI - Let your AIs compete against each other in mini games
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Battle of AI Game Microservice

Visit for more info

German Let's Code for the whole project:

This is the Battle of AIs source code. It's a REST-Service and as modern as I managed. Feel free to improve and help whereever you want.

Currently supported:


Tech used here (and in the let's code:

  • Python 3 - Programming Language, easy as eating pie
  • Python Flask - Python Lib for creating Web Apps
  • Flask Restplus - Python Lib for Flask for creating RESTful Web Services
  • SQLAlchemy - Easy OOP databases for Flask
  • [HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery] - For Frontend


See the subfolders of the projects


  • Moar Tests! srsly, have to do this.
  • Moar Games = More Fun

Free Software, Hell Yeah!


  • youreMine#7869 (Discord): Python API Wrapper
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