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medikoo commented Nov 20, 2020

Most of the tests that currently cover core functionalities depend heavily on (and sometimes test) internal implementation characteristics. While they should be testing whether given implementation produces desired outcome (treating its implementation more as a black box).

_Current state of things is problematic for eventual internal improvements and refactors which occasionally we want to i

jsbxyyx commented Sep 26, 2019

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increase rm-datasource module test coverage

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joshk0 commented Nov 4, 2020

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It is idiomatic for JWTs to be accepted using a header format of Authorization: Bearer <JWT> (see introduction.) In general, in history, the RFCs surrounding the authorization header have taken care to specify the mode of Authorization as the first part of the header value (e.g. Basic, Di

yaron2 commented Jul 15, 2020

Add a performance test that measures the time it takes Dapr to save data into a state store.

The important piece that is being tested is the processing that Dapr does before saving to the state store. This test should not benchmark the component itself.

For that purpose, a baseline test scenario would have an app that saves a 1kb payload to Redis, followed by a test app that uses Dapr to sav

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