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Simple Poll Engine

A really simple poll engine designed to allow extensive integration with existing codebase.

A) Getting Started

To get started, clone this repository to a directory desired. This readme file will assume that you clone to a directory called poll/.

git clone poll

B) File Structure

I've done my best to reduce the number of files as possible, the following will be a brief description of what the files are representing under the poll/ directory.


  • external This folder includes all files needed to access the polls from an external script.
    • include.php Include this script to use the poll. More on how later.
  • infrastructure This folder includes code to deal with databases.
  • interfaces This folder includes definitions on how the code deals with external datastore.
  • static This folder includes all the static files, including css, js and required images.
  • views This folder includes the template for the polls.
  • config.php Put your database credentials in this file, you can also configure external admin database here.
  • domain.php This file defines the domain of this script.
  • index.php Provides basic poll functions (list 5 recent polls and basic administrative interface)
  • init.php This file will initialize the poll script.
  • usecases.php Most of the business logic is included in this file.

C) Installation

Generally just upload all the files under the poll/ directory to your public web root. Edit config.php to suit your needs (database server, name, etc). Also change the admin password in the config.php if you plan to use the default admin authentication provider.

You can also choose to provide your own admin authentication provider in case you have your own web application, you can configure the variable $config['admin']['interactor'] to your interactor class which must implement the interface AdminInteractorInterface. More explanation on that on later section.

D) Access Admin Panel

Once you have uploaded the poll/ directory to your public web root, point your browser to the specific directory (e.g. http://localhost/poll/). The admin panel URL will be http://localhost/poll/?c=admin&a=login, change the URL according to your situation. If you've modified the admin configuration at section B, use your own credentials to login, otherwise the default will be admin for username and admin for password.

Here you can create new polls, modify them, delete, close and view their results.

E) Integrating Polls

To integrate polls into your php script, add the following line to the desired place:

require_once('path to this file include.php'); echo SPE_Poll(poll ID, URL to the poll directory)

Now, you can optionally provide a parameter to the SPE_Poll function for your user ID interactor. More on this next section.

F) Integrating with Your Web App

There are 2 aspects you can integrate, the user part and the admin part. Let's talk about the admin part first.

You can provide an admin class which implements the following interface:

interface AdminInteractorInterface {
    // Checks if authenticated for the admin interface, returns true if yes, false if no
    public function IsAuthenticated();

    // Authenticates with $username and $password, returns true if successful, false if failure
    public function Authenticate($username, $password);

    // Logs out the admin
    public function Unauthenticate();

You can optionally choose not to implement anything for Authenticate() and Unauthenticate() (i.e. leaving the function to return void) if you want to check authentication against your own $_SESSION.

Next, you can provide your own user interactor so that you can limit votes to your web app's user IDs. The user interactor must implement the following interface:

interface UserRepository {
    // Returns the identifier (username or user ID), retrieve it through $_SESSION, $_COOKIE or whatsoever
    public function GetIdentifier();

And then you can pass the user interactor as the 3rd parameter to the SPE_Poll function and configure your poll to limit repeating votes through user IDs.


A very simple poll engine written in PHP.






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