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An image title generator using The Renegade Coder style
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Image Titler

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Adds a title to an image using The Renegade Coder Featured Image style. The style can be defined as the following:

Titles are split in half by the closest space and displayed using two solid red bars with a white text overlay on the upper right portion of the image.

For example:

Hello World in Pascal

How to Run

The following code snippet demonstrates a few ways you might use the script:

pip install image-titler # Installs the script

image_titler # Runs as default
image_titler --title "Hello, World!"  # Adds a custom title
image_titler --output_path "path/to/output"  # Sets the output path
image_titler --path "path/to/image"  # Sets the image path
image_titler --tier "free"  # Sets the membership tier which changes the rectangle borders
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