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Cardknox API Wrapper for .NET

API Wrapper for Cardknox Payment Processor written in C#.

Build status

Check out the latest release:

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Nuget Package

NuGet Status

Available here:

Install from Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package Cardknox.API.Wrapper

CI Builds



API Documentation:


Overall Completion: 100 %

  • CREDIT CARD: 100%
  • CHECK (ACH): 100%
  • EBT Food Stamp: 100%
  • EBT Cash Benefits: 100%
  • EBT Wic (eWic): 100%
  • GIFT CARD: 100%
  • FRAUD: 100%

All items have been completed, but hasn't yet been tested in a live environment. If you find it working in a production environment please let me know. I am only using Credit Card operations at this time, so nothing else has really been tested.