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A C# Interpreter for Scott Adams adventure games encoded in the ScottFree format. Two flavours exist: a console version (AdventurerDOS) and a Windows versions (AdventurerWIN).


This project was built with Visual Studio Community using C# with .Net Framework 4.6.1, and is a tribute to Scott Adams. His games where the first I ever played on the TRS-80 in the early 1980s.

Currently, Brian Howarth's Mysterious Adventures aren't fully supported - I haven't fully tested them yet, though they should work, but some features won't be supported.

Resources used

The main resource for developing this intrepreter was a description of the ScottFree data format, which I found at the Interactive Fiction Archive, in the section Scott Free Interpreters, which was located in the file

Getting the games

The original Scott Adams games can be downloaded from his website.

Please note, this interpreter will only load the games in the ScottFree format.

AdventurerDOS Usage

Exe arguments:

    -g      Load DAT file -gAdv01.dat        
    -g      Specify game save file -lAdv01.sav - must be used with -g
    -t      Display turn counter in game
    -f      Output specified game in commented XML -fAdv01.dat
    -r      Output specified game in XML -rAdv01.dat
    -h      Display help

Whilst playing, save a game by typing:


##AdventurerWIN Usage Pretty straightforwards, I think.

Video Walkthroughs

A growing series of video walkthroughs of the Scott Adams games on my YouTube Channel.

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