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@Thealexbarney Thealexbarney released this Nov 28, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

All projects targeting .NET Core 2.1 have been updated to target .NET Core 3.0


  • Display the title name when reading an NCA containing an NPDM (#88)
  • Display result names when exiting because of an error (#90)
  • Fix a bug that would occur when repacking a non-empty savedata (#87)


  • Implement the savedata indexer along with savedata management FileSystemProxy functions (#89, #93)
  • Add a new LibHac.Crypto namespace with optimized AES implementations 2-3x faster than before. (#92, #94, #95, #97)
  • Add the option to specify a callback function that will be called when a non-successful result is returned in a debug build (#90)
  • Slightly reduce the memory retained after reading a key file (#91)
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