ES6 front-side boilerplate based on Wordpress CMS + Twig
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Rocket is an ES6 starter (compiled with Babel) which is based on Wordpress CMS, basically built to do good shit 🔥

Live demonstration

Other projects built with Rocket

Get started - How to test Rocket in local

This starter includes the demonstration linked above

1 - Introduction

First of all, clone this repository into your local www folder git clone

2 - Server requirements

⚠️ This starter only works with a virtualhost, and he must target the public folder of your project.

To run WordPress you must use

  • PHP (v5.6 or greater)
  • MySQL (v5.6 or greater)

3 - Database

You should use the database dump included into your project. You could find the last DB dump in dump folder.

Import this .sql file in a new table called rocket

⚠️ Check if the MySQL credentials provided in public/wp-config.php file are the same as yours

4 - Development environement

All the things concerning this part are contained into the compiler folder


You need a recent installation of NodeJS.

Then, you can install Node dependencies needed for this starter by using the following commands

$ cd /path/to/project/compiler
$ npm install

Gulp & Webpack config

⚠️ You must set the BrowserSync proxy value into the Gulp config file by remplacing it with the previously created virtualhost value

$ cd /path/to/project/compiler/config
$ nano general.config.js
module.exports = {
	allowNotifications: true,
	scripts: {
		entry: 'Main.es6',
		inputPath: './src/scripts',
		outputPath: '../public/wp-content/themes/rocket-theme/js',
		outputName: 'main'
	styles: {
		entry: 'main.scss',
		inputPath: './src/styles',
		outputPath: '../public/wp-content/themes/rocket-theme/css'
	browserSync: {
		open: false,
		notify: false,
		https: false,
		ui: false,
		ghostMode: false

ESLint & Editor config

Rocket provides an ESLinter, you can set up your own ESLint by editing the .eslintrc file

5 - Let's get ready to rumble

Simply run gulp into compiler folder, hope you will enjoy it ! 🚀

NB : By default, Wordpress back office logs are admin / admin


  • Add store/dispatcher
  • Write best practices docs