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Clean up default data directory and flesh out README

* Removed compiled_view folder and its README; ThinkUp will create it as needed
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10 webapp/data/
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-This is the default ThinkUp data directory, which can be changed via $THINKUP_CFG['datadir_path']
+This is the ThinkUp data directory. Its path is set and may be changed in's
+$THINKUP_CFG['datadir_path'] value.
-Whichever directory used must be read-writable by the user the web server is running as.
+For ThinkUp to function, this directory must be read-writable by the web server user. ThinkUp automatically creates
+files and folders inside this folder to store data while performing functions which require file storage.
+More information:
5 webapp/data/compiled_view/
@@ -1,5 +0,0 @@
-This directory needs to be writable for Smarty to write compiled templates to.
-If you are unable to chown this directory to the web server user, run:
-$ chmod -R 777 compiled_view

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