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sbt-api-mappings is a sbt plugin that fills apiMappings for common Scala libraries.


Sometimes when you wrote ScalaDoc for your own classes, you may want to reference to documentation in some other libraries.

For example:

 * My own class, which works with [[scala.Option]] and [[scalaz.Monad]].
class MyClass(optionMonad: scalaz.Monad[Option])

Unfortunately when running doc command in Sbt, you will receive a warning and the link would not be created.

/path/to/MyClass.scala:3: Could not find any member to link for "scala.Option".

This plugin resolves the problem.


Step 1: Add the following lines in your project/plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("com.thoughtworks.sbt-api-mappings" % "sbt-api-mappings" % "latest.release")

Note that sbt-api-mappings 1.x requires sbt 0.13.x, sbt-api-mappings 2.x requires sbt 1.x.

Step 2: Reload the Sbt configuration:

> reload

Step 3: Generate your API documentation:

> doc

Now, open the API documentation in your browser, and you will find the links to the scala.Option and scalaz.Monad's documentation in your MyClass page.