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Use Invoke-PSImage to deliver a payload in an Image
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Invoke-PSImage Delivery (alias: Kira)

║ K I R A
╔════════ ╗
║████████ ║
║████████ ║
║████████ ║
║████████ ║
║████████ ║

What does this do?

Embed a Powershell base64 encoded Shellcode into an Image (Invoke-PSImage) an generate a Downloader for this Image. The Downloader will download the Image, extract the Shellcode and run it. Then it will delete itself and show the Image


Tested with Python 3.5 - ONLY WINDOWS SUPPORTED

Make sure that your Image is at least 720p (so that the payload can fit into the Image).

On Windows install GOLang and add it to your path.

$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python -img <your_img>

Then follow the Instructions of the Script.

Tools used

Invoke-PSImage - Huge Props to this dude


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