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A django state machine, saving you from race-condition sadness
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Deus State Machina

Deus State Machina is a state machine for django that makes sure that you're not accidentally shooting yourself in the foot when doing things concurrently.

Deus state machina gives you:

  • One place to define your state machine transitions
  • No need for state checking
  • No more saving your model manually
  • State transitions define which how the model changes
  • No more race conditions! (for both database and threading)

Getting started

pip install deus-state-machina


Given that you have code that works like this:

DEAD = 2

class Cat(models.Model):                
    state = IntegerField(choices=[
        (UNKNOWN, 'Unknown'), 
        (ALIVE, 'Alive'), 
        (DEAD, 'Dead'),
    can_meow = models.Boolean(default=False)
    time_of_death = models.DateTimeField(null=True)

    def survive(self):
        if self.state == UNKNOWN:
            self.state = ALIVE 
            self.can_meow = True

    def rip(self):
        if self.state == UNKNOWN: 
            self.state = DEAD 
            self.time_of_death = now()

You can use deus state machina instead like so:

You define your state machine:

from deus_state_machina import State, StateMachine

class CatStateMachine(StateMachine):
    Unknown = State(0)
    Alive = State(1)
    Dead = State(2)

    def survive(self, instance, transition):
        instance.can_meow = True

    def rip(self, instance, transition):
        instance.time_of_death = now()

    transitions = [
        Unknown | survive | Alive,
        Unknown | rip | Dead,

Note how you have to wrap each state as State.

You can then use this in your model:

from deus_state_machina import StateMachineField

class Cat(models.Model):
    state = models.IntegerField(choices=...)
    state_machine = StateMachineField(CatStateMachine, 'state')

You can then trigger a state transition like this:

cat = Cat.objects.first()
if random.random() > 0.5:

Or alternatively, using the target state in the transition_to call:

cat = Cat.objects.first()
if random.random() > 0.5:

You can integrate deus state machine step by step replacing one state transition at a time. Note that it has database locking and thread locking overhead compared to cowboy state machines.

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