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The TileDB R package offers an R interface to the modern database by TileDB.


Documentation is available for the R package as well as for the TileDB API.


TileDB Embedded needs to be present, and can be installed first (from a package or from source) for the TileDB R package to build and link correctly. Alternatively, if no system installation is found, a precompiled shared library is used during the installation of this R package.

The TileDB R package has been published on CRAN and be installed directly via

> install.packages("tiledb")

as usual.

The most recent released version can be installed from Github using the package remotes.

> if (!requireNamespace("remotes",quietly=TRUE)) install.packages("remotes")
> remotes::install_github("TileDB-Inc/TileDB-R")
> library(tiledb)
TileDB R 0.22.0 with TileDB Embedded 2.18.2 on Ubuntu 23.10.
See for more information about TileDB.
> help(package=tiledb)

If the TileDB library is installed in a custom location, you need to pass the explicit path:

> remotes::install_github("TileDB-Inc/TileDB-R",

Note that the TileDB R package is always developed and tested against the latest stable version of TileDB, but should also build against the newest development version.

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The TileDB R package is Copyright 2018-2023 TileDB, Inc