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@@ -37,15 +37,25 @@ Using Vuukle is not manditory but I do recommend it.

Signing up for [Vuukle]( is easy and fast. All you need is an API key and paste it in the edit.php file.

## Model info US date: 07/26/2019 - EU date: 26-07-2019
## Udate: US date: 07/26/2019 - EU date: 26-07-2019

- Added some model info below the cam content.
- Added the option to add a logo.
- Tracking code now works properly.

## For the future

For the script in its current state, I'm planning to create different types of templates so people can switch between those. There is also a rework planned for the script in which I'm planning to implement a simple CMS, more features and possibly a plugin for Wordpress.
- Template options.
- CMS (possible rework needed for the script).
- More SEO options.
- Wordpress Plugin (Looking into this).
- More categories (Looking into this).
- Looking into XML -> MYSQL storage.
- Bongacams version of the script (or integrated).
- Better mobile template (might be difficult because the way Chaturbate has set IFRAME).
- Options to choose between stream canvas (Theather, default etc.).

More to come...

## Twitter

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