This repo contains the core code for Toast Wallet. It is built for iOS, Android and browser directly from this repository. PC builds are built from the browser version using Electron.
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Toast Wallet
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Toast Wallet core

This contains the core javascript and css of the wallet. Each specific platform has a repo that wraps the html5 app.

Minimalist wallet.

We'll be building from the functionality of

Ripple Js Lib

Git usage

Warning! Releases will be under release branches. The main branch is the development branch.

Phone builds

We use Adobe Phonegap's cloud build service. The most recent phone builds can be found here. Warning these may be development builds.

Manual compilation for browser build

Clone the repo. Install phonegap Run: - phonegap platform add browser - phonegap build browser

Manual building of electron packages

  • Perform the steps above for the browser version. More instructions shortly