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keeday - Password Derivation Tool

This is the github repository for keeday, a small Python-based tool to manage strong and cryptographically generated passwords. The source code is quite self-documenting but has a few comments where needed. Feel free to use or modify this tool as you see fit, and don't hesitate to notify me of any security issues (no matter how minor) I might have overlooked.

This is mostly an experimental prototype and is not specifically intended for real use, however the default settings are considered to be sufficient enough for general-purpose usage - if you have a strong passphrase, of course - should you decide to adopt this tool.

The only location this tool will write to is ~/.keeday/ , where ~ is your home directory. This folder will be created for you.


The source code is fully compatible with Python 3.1, Python 3.2 and Python 3.3. Support for Python 2.7 is achievable but I have chosen not to pursue it, at least for the moment. Versions prior to 2.7 are not supported.


See README for a short introduction to the tool, the LICENSE is to be read and understood. A man page is also available.

The tool's name is based on "key derivation function" (get it? ha ha)