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Purposeful Paper Forms for Guitar

Like most, I love my iPad, my laptops, my smart-azz phone and all my other devices. I’ve even gotten used to reading guitar scores on my tablet and not printing them out first.

But my early fantasies of doing away with paper never morphed into reality, and I’ve found paper copies of the blank sheet-music and other forms included with this repository especially valuable to my number one hobby, banging around on the guitar.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always thought that just by writing something down, whatever it is, I learn the subject better. I know these forms have helped me improve as a musician.


Using the Files

Browse the full article to view and print my blank forms and read about how I use them. Or, download or clone the repository if you want everything, including the published article’s AsciiDoc source files. You can also extract blank-form PDF files directly from the GitHub repo. Everything is here.

  • Support Open Source! — It’s not only for code!

PS: If anybody wants to submit a form, I’ll include it in the collection.

Run make to build the article web page, which you can view at

More Information

For more stuff, browse my repositories on GitHub. It’s where I store all of my downloads, files and example programs, new and old. Everything is free for the taking.

Please also follow the links below to visit my web site and YouTube channel. Write to me at Good luck!