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Heatpump IR fork of 'Easy MultiSensor device based on ESP8266'
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.github Added checklist to the Issue_template Oct 16, 2018
dist automatically updated release notes for mega-20190830 Aug 30, 2019
docs Documentation for P088 HeatpumpIR plugin Aug 30, 2019
hooks add missing & around value Apr 14, 2018
lib IR Update library and usage instructions Aug 26, 2019
misc [LoRa/TTN] Add decoder for the packet header Aug 15, 2019
patches [PUYA] Use newest core 2.5.0 backport patch on unpatched sources. Jan 5, 2019
src [Settings Archive] Only allow on core 2.5.0 and newer Aug 29, 2019
static [JavaScript] Simple JS to update view in web interface on change serial Jan 5, 2019
test fixed network config for newer versions Aug 17, 2018
tools [Uncrustify] Move uncrustify.cfg to project dir Jul 13, 2019
.atom-build.yml fixed custom build path Jan 15, 2018
.gitignore [Docs] Document sharing plugin via ESPeasy p2p controller Aug 8, 2019
.gitmodules now no longer a submodule. lib/IRremoteESP8266 upstream version v1.0.2 Apr 23, 2017
.travis.yml [Build] Add build stats to track Mar 8, 2019
License.txt Webgui with menu Jun 30, 2015
README add missing & around value, add README Apr 14, 2018 [Readme] Added download counter Jun 6, 2019
before_deploy [Build] Remove all core 2.6.0 SDK2 builds Aug 22, 2019 [fix for] truncation corrupted bin file May 14, 2018 [Tools] Set executable bits to scripts Dec 12, 2018
esp32_partition_app1310k_spiffs1503k.csv [ESP32] Add default partition table for reference Oct 1, 2018
esp32_partition_app1810k_spiffs316k.csv [ESP32] Change partition size (will clear all settings) and add plugins Sep 23, 2018 [Memanalyzer] cmd args are back (un-commented) Nov 1, 2018
platformio.ini Move dev build to core 2.6.0 (to make it fit) Aug 29, 2019 [TTN] Skeleton for C018 TTN RN2xx3 controller Aug 8, 2019 [Tools] Set executable bits to scripts Dec 12, 2018
release Spelling correction May 2, 2018
releasebot fixed releasebot issues with multiple branches Jan 12, 2018
uncrustify.cfg [Uncrustify] Move uncrustify.cfg to project dir Jul 13, 2019

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For ways to support us, see this announcement on the forum, or have a look at the Patreon, Ko-Fi or PayPal links above.

ESPEasy (development branch)

Introduction and wiki:

MEGA ⚠️This is the development branch of ESPEasy. All new untested features go into this branch. If you want to do a bugfix, do it on the stable branch, we will merge the fix to the development branch as well.⚠️

Check here to learn how to use this branch and help us improving ESPEasy:

Automated binary releases

Every night our build-bot will build a new binary release:

The releases are named something like 'mega-20190225' (last number is the build date)

Depending on your needs, we release different types of files:

Firmware name Hardware Included plugins
ESPEasy_mega-20190225_normal_ESP8266_1M.bin ESP8266 with 1MB flash Stable
ESPEasy_mega-20190225_test_ESP8266_1M.bin ESP8266 with 1MB flash Stable + Test
ESPEasy_mega-20190225_dev_ESP8266_1M.bin ESP8266 with 1MB flash Stable + Test + Development
ESPEasy_mega-20190225_normal_ESP8266_4M.bin ESP8266 with 4MB flash Stable
ESPEasy_mega-20190225_test_ESP8266_4M.bin ESP8266 with 4MB flash Stable + Test
ESPEasy_mega-20190225_dev_ESP8266_4M.bin ESP8266 with 4MB flash Stable + Test + Development
ESPEasy_mega-20190225_normal_ESP8285_1M.bin ESP8285 with 1MB flash Stable
ESPEasy_mega-20190225_test_ESP8285_1M.bin ESP8285 with 1MB flash Stable + Test
ESPEasy_mega-20190225_dev_ESP8285_1M.bin ESP8285 with 1MB flash Stable + Test + Development

More info

Details and discussion are on the "Experimental" section of the forum:

Automated builds of the (new) documentation can be found at

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