Easy MultiSensor device based on ESP8266
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ESPEasy (development branch)

Introduction and wiki: https://www.letscontrolit.com/wiki/index.php/ESPEasy#Introduction

MEGA ⚠️This is the development branch of ESPEasy. All new untested features go into this branch. If you want to do a bugfix, do it on the stable branch, we will merge the fix to the development branch as well.⚠️

Next stable branch: https://github.com/letscontrolit/ESPEasy/tree/v2.0 (bug fixes only, since oct 2017))

Check here to learn how to use this branch and help us improving ESPEasy: http://www.letscontrolit.com/wiki/index.php/ESPEasy#Source_code_development

Automated binary releases

Every night our build-bot will build a new binary release: https://github.com/letscontrolit/ESPEasy/releases

The releases are named something like 'mega-20180102' (last number is the build date)

Depending on your needs, we release different types of files:

Firmware name Hardware Included plugins
ESPEasy_mega-20180102_normal_ESP8266_1024.bin ESP8266 with 1Mb flash Stable
ESPEasy_mega-20180102_test_ESP8266_1024.bin ESP8266 with 1Mb flash Stable + Test
ESPEasy_mega-20180102_dev_ESP8266_1024.bin ESP8266 with 1Mb flash Stable + Test + Development
ESPEasy_mega-20180102_normal_ESP8266_4096.bin ESP8266 with 4Mb flash Stable
ESPEasy_mega-20180102_test_ESP8266_4096.bin ESP8266 with 4Mb flash Stable + Test
ESPEasy_mega-20180102_dev_ESP8266_4096.bin ESP8266 with 4Mb flash Stable + Test + Development
ESPEasy_mega-20180102_normal_ESP8285_1024.bin ESP8285 with 1Mb flash Stable
ESPEasy_mega-20180102_test_ESP8285_1024.bin ESP8285 with 1Mb flash Stable + Test
ESPEasy_mega-20180102_dev_ESP8285_1024.bin ESP8285 with 1Mb flash Stable + Test + Development

More info

Details and discussion are on the Experimental forum: https://www.letscontrolit.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=18

Automated builds of the (new) documentation can be found at ESPEasy.readthedocs.io

We're also on IRC: #ESPEasy @freenode