Adds a config option to fieldsets to render them without label or padding in Page Edit.
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Minimal Fieldset

A module for ProcessWire CMS/CMF. Adds a config option to Fieldset/FieldsetGroup/FieldsetPage to render the fieldset without label or padding in Page Edit. When a neighbouring field in the same row is taller than the fieldset the extra height is distributed evenly among rows within the fieldset.

Requires ProcessWire v3 and AdminThemeUikit.


This module allows you to create layouts in Page Edit that would not be possible without it. It's useful when you want a layout that has two or more fields as rows that are themselves within a row in Page Edit.

It's also useful when you have some fields that you want to add to a template as a group (i.e. via FieldsetGroup or FieldsetPage) but having a heading and visible wrapper for the fieldset in Page Edit would be redundant.





Install the Minimal Fieldset module.


In the field settings for any Fieldset/FieldsetGroup/FieldsetPage, tick the "Remove label and padding for this fieldset" checkbox.

You can optionally disable the distribution of vertical space within the fieldset if you like.