Interpreter for functional pure type systems.
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A Haskell implementation of the Pure Type System


Run the following commands at the top:

cabal install

To proactively avoid dependency hell, consider using cabal-dev or some other tool to sandbox builds.

Known uses

This repository contains some example programs in the examples folder.

Known public developments using this pts interpreter:

If you use the pts interpreter and want your use to be mentioned here, sent a pull request for or contact the authors.

Emacs mode

We bundle a very simple emacs mode, see emacs/pts-mode.el. To see where the emacs mode has been installed to, run:

pts --locate-emacs-mode

To install the emacs mode, you can add something like this to your .emacs:

(let ((pts-mode-path (shell-command-to-string "pts --locate-emacs-mode")))
  (if (file-exists-p pts-mode-path)
	(add-to-list 'load-path pts-mode-path)
	(require 'pts-mode))
    (message "Loading PTS returned an invalid path: %s" pts-mode-path)))

This assumes that pts is on your path and calls it to find the emacs mode. Keybindings in pts-mode:

  • C-c C-l check types and assertions in current buffer

Ctags support

If you use exuberant ctags, you can add to your .ctags the following block:

--regex-LPTS=/^>[ \t]*([^][ \t.:=;()$]+)[ \t]*(\([^()]*\)[ \t]*)*([:=]|$)/\1/v,values/
--regex-LPTS=/^>[ \t]*export ([^][ \t.:=;()$]+)[ \t]*;/\1/e,exports/
--regex-LPTS=/^>[ \t]*module ([^][ \t.:=;()$]+)[ \t]*;/\1/m,modules/
--regex-PTS=/^[ \t]*([^][ \t.:=;()$]+)[ \t]*(\([^()]*\)[ \t]*)*([:=]|$)/\1/v,values/
--regex-PTS=/^[ \t]*export ([^][ \t.:=;()$]+)[ \t]*;/\1/e,exports/
--regex-PTS=/^[ \t]*module ([^][ \t.:=;()$]+)[ \t]*;/\1/m,modules/

You can then run ctags to produce Emacs tags with a command line similar to the following:

ctags -e $(find . -name '*.pts' -o -name '*.lpts')


I am happy to receive pull requests. Note that I assume that I can publish the code in pull requests under a three-clause BSD license.