Arduino-based MIDI pitch and mod-wheel controller.
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An Arduino-based MIDI pitch and mod-wheel controller.

The WheelController utilizes the Arduino MIDI Library for basic MIDI IO. This library can be found at:

You must have this library in your path in the Arduino IDE in order to compile the WheelController.

Arduino Source Code

The current source, WheelController1.1 is a work in progress, building a more formalized and modular version of WheelController1.0, also found in the src folder. WheelController1.0 is the current fully functional version.


The schematics directory contains a png of the schematic, including the Arduino Uno R3 and the controls. There is also an Eagle schematic file.


*Designer an Arduino shield based around the schematic in Eagle to allow for easier construction. This would not be far off from the currently available proto-shields which have been used in previous builds.

*Finish modularization of the sensor code.

*Build in functionality to change the midi channel and cc numbers via runtime mode instead of hard-coded constants.


Travis Thatcher -