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MMM-ModuleToggle.js Feature to hide modules on startup, toggle modules Jun 16, 2017

MagicMirror Module: ModuleToggle

Hides and shows modules on the MagicMirror² by sending a notification


The config is able to hide specific modules on startup:

	module: 'MMM-ModuleToggle',
	config: {
		hide: ["clock"]

Hide/Show Modules

You can easily hide or show a module by sending a notification to the module. Therefore you can for example use the Magic Mirror Module: Buttons

Notification Parameters

You can send a notification with the name MODULE_TOGGLE and the payload with lists for the modules to hide, show or toggle.

You can hide the calendar and clock module with:

notification: "MODULE_TOGGLE",
payload: {hide: ["calendar", "clock"], show: [], toggle:[]}

You can show the calendar module with:

notification: "MODULE_TOGGLE",
payload: {hide: [], show: ["calendar"], toggle:[]}

You can toggle between show and hide with: payload: {hide: [], show: [], toggle:["clock"]}

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