@Trinitro21 Trinitro21 released this Sep 11, 2016 · 6 commits to sbfm since this release

Assets 4
  • Swapped top and bottom screens
  • Added touch functionality for scrolling in the file browsers
  • Added SmileBASIC font

Fixed a bug regarding waiting for user input

Fixed a bug in the numpad and added smooth scrolling

Detect EU systems and use the appropriate titleid

Fix titleid for EU

@Trinitro21 Trinitro21 released this Sep 4, 2016 · 7 commits to sbfm since this release

Assets 4


  • Version number displayed
  • Removed shop thing that nobody used
  • Added ability to create folders and delete files/folders
  • Holding L or R in the keyboard holds shift

@Trinitro21 Trinitro21 released this Jul 1, 2016 · 12 commits to sbfm since this release

Assets 4

More interactive and efficient when copying a file that doesn't start with T or B to SmileBASIC.
Changed online protocol a little.

Jun 25, 2016
what was I thinking

@Trinitro21 Trinitro21 released this Jul 7, 2016 · 24 commits to sbfm since this release

Assets 4
  • Updated version of lpp3ds that supports the necessary extdata functions out of the box
  • Circle pad support
  • Highlights files differently than folders
  • Touchscreen keyboard and numpad
  • New copy option that injects both the main file header and the secondary DAT header, with inputs from the user
Assets 4

Fixed an error I made in the copy function.
Fixed an error I made in the store list parsing function.
Some other minor changes.

Assets 4

Redid copy options and made it into a menu with detailed descriptions of the copy options.
Minor adjustments to the log on the bottom screen.
Online distribution service. Press X to open up the shop. There is no upload service, rather all files must be added manually by me, so I can control the content on the server. Only intended to be used in certain situations; the SmileBASIC official servers are good enough for most uses.

Feb 28, 2016


Samples refactor.
Samples refactor.
Dec 6, 2015


Added Mic.pause() and Mic.resume().
Added Mic.pause() and Mic.resume().