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[CORE/SPELLS] Shaman Fire totems #4938

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Shaman Fire Totems have same spell crit like caster

Fix issue 3470


I think also warlock, hunters and dk pets must be present here if they can't crit already, if they can't crit and they must crit a generic fix must be used.


Hit for pets too

for crit:

BasePoints = 0
Aura Id 57 (SPELL_AURA_MOD_SPELL_CRIT_CHANCE), value = 0, misc = 0 (0), miscB = 0, periodic = 0

BasePoints = 1
Aura Id 52 (SPELL_AURA_MOD_WEAPON_CRIT_PERCENT), value = 1, misc = 0 (0), miscB = 0, periodic = 0

Effect 2: NO EFFECT


warlock, hunter, dk pets can crit already


Example warlock pets spells crit with 1-2% crit


but Temporary Summons can't crit. Here are totems and Mage Water Elemental ...
Totems can crit, but can other Temp. summons crit ? If yes what chance they have ?


all pets, except totems, have a base 5% crit chance. they dont scale with players crit chance.
their crit only scales with talents/auras/sometimes procs.


all pets, except totems, have a base 5% crit chance. they dont scale with players crit chance.

your wrong, some (not all) pets has scaled from owner crit chance (over PSA). +adds from talents. classic example - mage water elemental.


pets do not scale with talents unless the tooltip explicitly says otherwise . they only scale with some auras, buffs, debuffs.
in cataclysm they scale with owner crit chance


not only in tooltips. i have measurements, maked for me in 3.3.5a, while i make PSS. result - some pets really scale crit chance (and some other parameters, like expertize) from owner. other auras only give additional crit chance.


you have to clarify the usage of the word "pet"
temp summons indeed only got their 5% crit chance and DONT scale with owners crit chance/hit/exp etc
permanent pets like water elemental WITH glyph, hunter pets, ghoul with talent or warlock pets DO scale with base stats, crit, hit and expertise (where expertise is special, hunter pets e.g. are exp capped when the owner is hitcapped)


tempsummons with scaling - mage elemental (without glyph), shaman wolf's, druid triants. + some other (quests)

"Uhm... no?
Neither hunter crit rating, nor the value scale for pet. At least not directly. Only indirect pet scaling goes from this.

5% base crit.
9% from this
10% from this if you are BM"
there is nothing about crit chance scaling
the link is from cataclysm but it has 2 jpgs with treants hitting dummy and they do a wooping 1.7% crits. now if you factor in that on blizzard you have around ~4.3% crit reduction/depression when facing a lvl 83 target youll get exactly 5% pet crit chance.


you can read? about hunter pets nobody said anything, they have no suitable PSA. about crit rating feral spirit can still be read on wowhead. the same thing with the others.
however, the conversation bored. Do whatever you want, anyway the normal implementation of the pets in TC is impossible - all of their code heavy dirtied...


you can't read apparently
Midnights commented:
"...permanent pets like water elemental WITH glyph, hunter pets, ghoul with talent or warlock pets DO scale with base stats, CRIT..."
i wasnt replying only to you.

what ever, if you want to know how shit works look in the RAWR code for patch 3.3.5. its the most reliable imo because (almost) everything there was tested on blizzard servers.


I can not refute every delusion that meeting. in that message at least 2 errors and 2 inaccuracyes, I have only comment on one of the errors.


fix work?


Need to find generic fix

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Commits on Jan 24, 2012
  1. @drskull

    Searing Totem and Magma Totem have same spell crit chance like caster

    drskull authored
    Signed-off-by: dr.skull <>
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Showing with 6 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +6 −0 src/server/game/Entities/Unit/Unit.cpp
6 src/server/game/Entities/Unit/Unit.cpp
@@ -10984,6 +10984,12 @@ bool Unit::isSpellCrit(Unit* victim, SpellInfo const* spellProto, SpellSchoolMas
return true;
+ // Player Fire Totems have same spell crit chance like Player spell crit
+ if (isTotem() && IS_PLAYER_GUID(GetOwnerGUID()) && schoolMask & SPELL_SCHOOL_MASK_FIRE)
+ {
+ return GetOwner()->isSpellCrit(victim, spellProto, schoolMask, attackType);
+ break;
+ }
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