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Baz plugin: better-bash-baz-plugin

Baz plugin for making your bash better


$ baz install git ''

What does it do

  • Enables FZF support
  • Enables programmable completion
  • Enables TabTab
  • Disables annoying shortcuts like ^S
  • Enables vi mode
  • Enables autocd (type directory name to cd into it)
  • Enables more and extended globbing
  • Sets ENV to ~/.profile for /bin/sh
  • Sets function nesting to 100 so you don't fork yourself by accident
  • Sets histories to go to ~/.cache
  • Makes bash not store duplicate history entries
  • Makes tar xz compression best
  • Makes FZF better
  • Enables a bunch of usability flags for less
  • Add local man pages to MANPATH
  • Move .Xauthority file to a more clean directory
  • Move GTK3 config to ~/.config/gtk-2.0
  • Fixes gpg TTY for signing
  • Sets the JOBS environment variable for building
  • Sets the visual to your editor