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- The `•••` menu had a bug that practically broke it in tablet sizes and after resizing the window, both with the old and the new theme design system.
- Padding was missing above the menu for stacked navigation style
- Links in the mobile menu for dark background Episode and Taste were set to white, which resulted in invisible mobile menus

Note that this is changing the global navigation styles so it affects all themes.

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A unique tag-based Ghost theme to arrange your publications into collections. Keep organized and let your readers explore your publications with beautifully designed tag columns.



  1. Download this theme
  2. Log into Ghost, and go to the Design settings area to upload the zip file


Styles are compiled using Gulp/PostCSS to polyfill future CSS spec. You'll need Node, Yarn and Gulp installed globally. After that, from the theme's root directory:

# Install

# Run build & watch for changes
yarn dev

Now you can edit /assets/css/ files, which will be compiled to /assets/built/ automatically.

The zip Gulp task packages the theme files into dist/, which you can then upload to your site.

yarn zip


This repo is synced automatically with TryGhost/Themes monorepo. If you're looking to contribute or raise an issue, head over to the main repository TryGhost/Themes where our official themes are developed.

Copyright & License

Copyright (c) 2013-2022 Ghost Foundation - Released under the MIT license.