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allouis Supported dynamic image resizing for LocalFileStorage(#10184)
refs #10181 

* Added initial handleImageSizes middleware

* Implemented saveRaw method on local file storage

* Wired up handleImageSizes middleware

* Implemented delete for LocalFileStorage

* Removed delete method from theme Storage class

* Deleted sizes directory when theme is activated

* Ensured that smaller images are not enlarged

* Renamed sizes -> size

* Exited middleware as early as possible

* Called getStorage as late as possible

* Updated image sizes middleware to handle dimension paths

* Revert "Deleted sizes directory when theme is activated"

This reverts commit 9204dfc.

* Revert "Removed delete method from theme Storage class"

This reverts commit b45fdb4.

* Revert "Implemented delete for LocalFileStorage"

This reverts commit a587cd6.

* Fixed typo

Co-Authored-By: allouis <>

* Redirected to original image if no image_sizes config

* Refactored redirection because rule of three

* Updated comments

* Added rubbish tests

* Added @todo comment for handleImageSizes tests

* Added safeResizeImage method to image manipulator

* Used image manipulator lib in image_size middleware
Latest commit 7099dd4 Dec 13, 2018



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