Python Script to Scrape Pastebin with Regex.
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Tu5k4rr Regex update
Overall regex improvements.
Notable improvement was the IP-WEB to look for ip addresses with custom ports
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Python Script to Scrape Pastebin with Regex. This is by far NOT a 'finished project' and plan to improve this over time. My goal is to make PastaBean as flexible as I can and simple to run with minimal requirements to capture data.


Created script to learn Python and capture data on the popular site


  • Scrape Pastebin, 100 queries per 60 seconds.
  • Write matches to text file in same directory.
  • Temp removed:E-mail alert. Have to manually add credentials for sender and receiver into script(Gmail Only).
  • Logging - pasta.log



  • Run on VPS
  • Run script as background process: python &

Future Improvements

  • Improve current RegeX
  • Add more Regex Matches!!!
  • Enable to allow script to write to custom file path
  • Reduce duplication in e-mail alerts.
  • Decreased status output to one line.
  • Generate log file for each alarm to replace e-mail alerts
  • Expand to other similar sites like pastebin.


Feel free to contact me for any advice, ideas or queries.