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@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@
# General substitutions.
project = 'TG2'
-copyright = '2009, TurboGears DocTeam'
+copyright = '2009-2010, TurboGears DocTeam'
# The default replacements for |version| and |release|, also used in various
# other places throughout the built documents.
@@ -81,37 +81,39 @@ you the ability to use a number of add-on tools like migrate_ and bootalchemy_.
:ref:`Getting Started <getting-started>`
Get TurboGears installed and serving up the main page for your new
- project
+ project :ref:`Read more ... <getting-started>`
:ref:`Tutorials <tutorials>`
For the new TurboGears user, this is the place to start. These tutorials
are intended to get you started working quickly and give you a feel for
- how TurboGears applications work.
+ how TurboGears applications work. :ref:`Read more ... <tutorials>`
:ref:`Working with TurboGears <recipes-and-faq>`
How to accomplish given tasks using TurboGears, from authentication, to
caching, to user-session management. This collection of documents should
normally be explored after you've followed through a tutorial or two.
+ :ref:`Read more ... <recipes-and-faq>`
:ref:`Getting To Know TurboGears <getting-to-know>`
Learn what's new in the latest TurboGears. Explore the architecture. Learn
what components come with the default install of TurboGears, what
components are installed via the default quickstart, and how all of them
- tie together to serve your site.
+ tie together to serve your site. :ref:`Read more ... <getting-to-know>`
:ref:`Extensions and Tools <extensions-and-tools>`
Discover new extensions and tools to enhance your installation of
- TurboGears.
+ TurboGears. :ref:`Read more ... <extensions-and-tools>`
:ref:`Testimonials <testimonials>`
A selection of papers and comments showing how TurboGears helped other
developers solve the problems they had.
+ :ref:`Read more ... <testimonials>`
Indices and tables
@@ -228,3 +228,4 @@ Other
.. todo:: Difficulty: Medium. Add shell script which validates environment for building docs
+.. todo:: Difficulty: Medium. main/ToscaWidgets/forms.rst uses the archive directive. This outputs an absolute path relative to root on the machine that builds the docs. Fix the code so it is relative to _build/html/_static

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