Sample app of a Rapid Response Kit that showcases Twilio Voice conferencing and broadcasting
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Rapid Response Kit: Building Conferencing and Broadcasting with Twilio.

Level: Intermediate. Powered by Twilio - Laravel Build Status

An example application implementing an disaster response kit that allows an organizer to instantly communicate with volunteers.

Read the full tutorial!

Run the application

  1. Clone the repository and cd into it.

  2. Install the application's dependencies with Composer

    $ composer install
  3. Copy the sample configuration file and edit it to match your configuration.

    $ cp .env.example .env

    You can find your TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID and TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN under your Twilio Account Settings. You can buy Twilio phone numbers at Twilio numbers TWILIO_NUMBER should be set to the phone number you purchased above. TWILIO_RR_NUMBER should be set to a Twilio number too.

  4. Generate an APP_KEY:

    $ php artisan key:generate
  5. Expose the application to the wider Internet using ngrok

    $ ngrok http 8000

    Once you have started ngrok, update your TwiML app's voice URL setting to use your ngrok hostname, so it will look something like this:

  6. Configure Twilio to call your webhooks You will also need to configure Twilio to call your application when calls are received.

    You will need to provision at least one Twilio number with voice capabilities so the application's users can participate in conferences. You can buy a number right here. Once you have a number you need to configure your number to work with your application. Open the number management page and open a number's configuration by clicking on it.

    Remember that the number where you change the voice webhooks must be the same one you set on the TWILIO_RR_NUMBER environment variable.

    Configure Voice

    For this application, you must set the voice webhook of your number to something like this:


    And in this case set the GET method on the configuration for this webhook.

  7. Run the application using Artisan.

    $ php artisan serve

It is artisan serve default behaviour to use http://localhost:8000 when the application is run. This means that the ip addresses where your app will be reachable on you local machine will vary depending on the operating system.

The most common scenario, is that your app will be reachable through address, and this is important because ngrok creates the tunnel using only that address. So, if is not reachable in your local machine when you run the app, you must tell artisan to use this address, like this:

$ php artisan serve --host=


This application uses this Twilio helper library:

Run the tests

  1. Run at the top-level directory:

    $ phpunit

    If you don't have phpunit installed on your system, you can follow this instructions to install it.