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Build type-safe fluent-style JSON REST API clients in Java
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TypedRest for Java

API documentation Build status
TypedRest helps you build type-safe fluent-style REST API clients.

Maven artifacts (group com.oneandone):
typedrest-annotations typedrest-core typedrest-vaadin typedrest-archetype

Important: Lombok, a build-time dependency, does not support Java 10 yet. However, the resulting artifact will work on Java 10.


We use the following terms in the library and documentation:

  • An entity is a data transfer object that can be serialized (usually as JSON).
  • An endpoint is a REST resource at a specific URI.
  • An entry endpoint is an endpoint that is the top-level URI of a REST interface.
  • An element endpoint is an endpoint that represents a single entity.
  • A collection endpoint is an endpoint that represents a collection of entities and provides an element endpoint for each of them.
  • A trigger endpoint is an endpoint that represents an RPC call to trigger a single action (intentionally un-RESTful).

Usecase sample

We'll use this simple POJO (Plain old Java object) class modeling software packages as a sample entity type:

class PackageEntity {
  private int id;
  @Id public int getId() { return id; }
  public void setId(int id) { = id; }

  private String name;
  public String getName() { return name; }
  public void setName(String name) { = name; }

Getting started

Include this in your Maven pom.xml to use the library:


You can then use the classes EntryEndpoint, CollectionEndpointImpl, ElementEndpointImpl, PollingEndpointImpl, ActionEndpointImpl, PaginationEndpointImpl, StreamEndpointImpl and BlobEndpointImpl to build a local representation of a remote REST service. Based on our usecase sample this could look like this:

class SampleEntryEndpoint extends EntryEndpoint {
  public SampleEntryEndpoint(URI uri) {

  public CollectionEndpoint<PackageEntity> getPackages() {
    return new CollectionEndpointImpl<>(this, "packages", PackageEntity.class);

You can then perform CRUD operations like this:

SampleEntryEndpoint server = new SampleEntryEndpoint(URI.create("http://myservice/api/"));
List<PackageEntity> packages = server.packages.readAll();
ElementEndpoint<PackageEntity> element = server.packages.create(new PackageEntity(...));
PackageEntity pack = server.packages.get(1).read();

Build GUI clients

Include this in your Maven pom.xml to build GUIs with Vaadin:

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