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UI5Lab Logo

What is it

UI5Lab is a community driven repository for UI5 Custom Control Libraries. It's purpose is to make it easy for everyone to share, retrieve and use UI5 Custom Controls. Contributions welcome!


This repository contains a simple app that consumes custom controls from the UI5Lab example library geometry. Have a look at our documentation for more details.


Run the following commands to test or develop this project:

  1. Install node.js (get it from

    Note: If working behind a proxy, you need to configure it properly (HTTP_PROXY / HTTPS_PROXY / NO_PROXY environment variables)

  2. Clone the repository and navigate into it

git clone
cd UI5Lab-app-simple
  1. Install all npm dependencies (also installs all bower dependencies)
npm install
  1. Start a local web server for development
npm start

Note: you can run the app tests with npm test

  1. Choose one of the following entry points to open the app
  • App page Path to the source code for the demo above
  • Test page A simple integration test written in OPA


The UI5 tooling creates an optimized app ready to be deployed on a web server. There are three variants to create an optimized build in the dist folder included in this repository:

  1. Build app and libraries (default)
npm run build

Creates optimized preloads for the app and all used libraries

  1. Build app and switch to CDN bootstrap (demo)
npm run buildCDN

Creates an optimized app switched to CDN bootstrap for best loading performance. You can find the published app in the gh-pages branch.

  1. Self-contained build (minimal)
npm run buildSelfContained

Creates a custom UI5 bundle with a minimal set code both from library and app resources


  • Homepage - the single point of entry for UI5Lab
  • Documentation - project overview and tutorials
  • Browser - all UI5Lab libraries and examples
  • Demo - an example app consuming simple UI5Lab controls


Issues can be created either in this repository or in any of the contributor repositories depending on where the error came from. Be sure to include enough details and context to reproduce the issue and follow up with you.


We organize this project in Slack Channel #UI5Lab. If you are interested in what we do and discuss, join with this invitation link or visit the homepage

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