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This library contains C++ code and Python bindings for loading 3mf files.


Savitar is released under terms of the LGPLv3 License. Terms of the license can be found in the LICENSE file. Or at

But in general it boils down to:
You need to share the source of any Savitar modifications if you make an application with Savitar.

System Requirements


  • Python 3.6 or higher
  • Ninja 1.10 or higher
  • VS2022 or higher
  • CMake 3.23 or higher
  • nmake


  • Python 3.6 or higher
  • Ninja 1.10 or higher
  • apply clang 11 or higher
  • CMake 3.23 or higher
  • make


  • Python 3.6 or higher
  • Ninja 1.10 or higher
  • gcc 12 or higher
  • CMake 3.23 or higher
  • make

How To Build

We are currently in the process of switch our builds and pipelines to an approach which uses Conan and pip to manage our dependencies, which are stored on our JFrog Artifactory server and in the At the moment not everything is fully ported yet, so bare with us.

If you want to develop Cura with Savitar see the Cura Wiki: Running Cura from source

If you have never used Conan read their documentation which is quite extensive and well maintained. Conan is a Python program and can be installed using pip

1. Configure Conan

pip install conan --upgrade
conan config install
conan profile new default --detect --force

Community developers would have to remove the Conan cura repository because it requires credentials.

Ultimaker developers need to request an account for our JFrog Artifactory server at IT

conan remote remove cura

2. Clone libSavitar

git clone
cd libSavitar

3. Install & Build libSavitar (Release OR Debug)


conan install . --build=missing --update
# optional for a specific version: conan install . pysavitar/<version>@<user>/<channel> --build=missing --update
cmake --preset release
cmake --build --preset release


conan install . --build=missing --update build_type=Debug
cmake --preset debug
cmake --build --preset debug

Creating a new Savitar Conan package

To create a new Savitar Conan package such that it can be used in Cura and Uranium, run the following command:

conan create . savitar/<version>@<username>/<channel> --build=missing --update

This package will be stored in the local Conan cache (~/.conan/data or C:\Users\username\.conan\data ) and can be used in downstream projects, such as Cura and Uranium by adding it as a requirement in the or in conandata.yml.

Note: Make sure that the used <version> is present in the conandata.yml in the pySavitar root

You can also specify the override at the commandline, to use the newly created package, when you execute the conan install command in the root of the consuming project, with:

conan install . -build=missing --update --require-override=savitar/<version>@<username>/<channel>

Developing libSavitar In Editable Mode

You can use your local development repository downsteam by adding it as an editable mode package. This means you can test this in a consuming project without creating a new package for this project every time.

    conan editable add . savitar/<version>@<username>/<channel>

Then in your downsteam projects (Cura) root directory override the package with your editable mode package.

conan install . -build=missing --update --require-override=savitar/<version>@<username>/<channel>