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First Steps

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Download UltraStar Play

Download the latest release from here.

See the wiki for detailed installation instructions.

See our FAQ page for additional questions and answers.

Add player profiles

  • Go to Settings > Player Profiles
  • Change the name of the players to your liking.
  • Tick the Enabled checkbox of the players who are singing today.
    • These players will be available during song select.

Add mic profiles

  • Go to Settings > Recording
  • Choose the Recording Device of your liking and configure it
    • If the recording device is not listed, please make sure that (a) the device is working in other apps and (b) UltraStar Play has the needed access rights.
    • Use Amplification until the device accepts input from you in normal voice volume
    • Use Noise Suppression if the device is mistaken ambient noise for singing
    • Use Delay until the timing of the note recording matches your singing.
      • Delay in UltraStar Play is typically between 100ms and 300 ms.
      • Hint: a too big delay typically feels better than a too small delay.
      • Hint: Hold Shift key to increase the stepping amount
  • Tick the Use for singing checkbox of the recording device that you want to use.
    • These devices will be available during song select.

For details see here

For information how to use your smartphone as recording device see here.

Add songs

Download default song archive:

  • Go to Settings > Game > Download Songs
    • Enter the archvie URL (default:
    • Click Start Download and wait for the download to finish.
    • Restart UltraStar Play

Or add an existing song folder:

  • Go to Settings > Game
    • Add entries to your existing song folders.
    • Restart UltraStar Play

For more information, visit the wiki page on how to find, add, and create songs.

Sing a song

  • Go to Start to enter the song select
  • Choose a song of your liking
  • Tick the player profile who will sing the song
    • An available and unassigned recording device will be assigned to this player automatically
  • Click the song cover / video, or hit enter to enter the sing scene
  • Have fun ;)