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Set::extract with habtm not retrieving correctly and unit test hides #196

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the unit test for testExtractHabtm() line 636 in SetTest shows the results of the extraction for first two tests innacurately.

The last entry in the results should be the data from the Comment with name = jim, but instead it returns (and the expected matches) another comment by 'dan'.

I asked Nate on #li3 and he thought it might be a bug as well.

I'm seeing similar strange behaviors with my extractions as well which led me to dig into the unit tests and find this behavior.

The expected results should be:
$this->assertEqual($result[3]['Comment']['User']['name'], 'jim'); //currently for index 3 the name is 'dan', but should be 'jim'

@jails jails closed this in 719e278
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