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Examples of various Unity 2D Physics components and features.


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2D Physics Examples

This project contains multiple scenes that are designed to provide both examples of features as well as having the additional benefit that they can be used by Unity QA or developers who wish to test/verify that specific features are working.

A majority of the scenes rely on Unity Gizmos for presentation of Colliders, Joints, Contacts (etc) rather than renderers so please ensure that the "Gizmos" buttons are selected in both the "Scene" and "Game" views otherwise you may find you cannot see the content.

Branch Names

Each branch represents a specific version of Unity. As features are added in a public release, those features should be represented in that branch and future Unity version branches i.e. branch names of "2019", "2020", "2021" (etc) exist.

"master" represents the current latest alpha/beta version of Unity, updated only when new 2D physics features land in a public alpha/beta release. When the latest alpha/beta transitions into a final release, a branch of that Unity version name will be created and "master" will become the next alpha/beta release.

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