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Animation C# Jobs Samples

The Animation C# Jobs Samples repository includes examples of Playable graphs using Animation C# Jobs. For more information, see AnimationScriptPlayable.

Compatible with Unity 2019.3 or later.

The samples


This sample shows how to mix two clips together on a generic character.


This sample is based on the SimpleMixer, but you can change the weights of some joints (left arm, right arm, and head), so that the second clip only applies based on the joint weights.


This sample adds a look-at behaviour on a Chomper, a quadruped creature from the 3D Game Kit.


This sample adds a two-bone IK on a generic human character.


This sample create a fullbody IK on a humanoid character.


Simply git clone the repo somewhere and open the newly created directory with Unity.

Optionally, the GraphVisualizer can be used to have a visual representation of the graphs in the samples.

Project contents

The following table indicates the structure of the Assets/animation-jobs-samples directory:

Location Description
Resources Contains the resources for the samples (e.g. meshes, textures, animations, ...).
Runtime/AnimationJobs Contains the animation C# jobs.
Samples/Scripts Contains the sample C# scripts.
Scenes Contains the sample scenes.