Kinda like ProBuilder, but in virtual reality.
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ProBuilder in the matrix.

Super Quick Start

Installing from Git - Quick Start

Theses steps are only necessary if you're interested in keeping up to date with the day to day changes of ProBuilderVR.

If you're only interested in releases, follow the Super Quick Start steps.

  • Install git lfs
  • Clone repository git clone
  • Navigate to probuilder-vr/Assets (open Terminal / Git bash / etc, cd Assets)
  • Clone EditorVR git lfs clone --recursive -b development
  • Download and import SteamVR from Asset Store


Nothing is working!

Like, nothing nothing? Try asking about that over at the Unity EditorVR forum.

ProBuilderVR specifically isn't working!

Please open an Issue on Github explaining the problem in as much detail as possible.

I Have a Suggestion / Complaint

Suggestions, comments, high fives, etc are welcome over at our forum.