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Azure App Services for Unity3d

Contains a Unity 5 project featuring two demo scenes for Azure App Services (previously Mobile Services).

  1. Highscores demo scene
  2. Inventory demo scene

:octocat: Download instructions

This project contains git submodule dependencies so use:
git clone --recursive

Or if you've already done a git clone then use:
git submodule update --init --recursive

Highscore demo features

  • Client-directed login with Facebook
  • Insert Highscore
  • Update Highscore
  • Read list of Highscores using infinite scrolling (hall of fame)
  • Query for today's top ten highscores (daily leaderboard)
  • Query for username (user's scores)

App Services Highscores Unity demo video

Inventory demo features

  • Client-directed login with Facebook
  • Load User's inventory.
  • Save User's inventory. (Inserts if new or Updates existing record)

App Services Inventory Unity demo video

Developer blogs

Setup Azure App Services for Unity

  1. Create an Azure Mobile App
    • Create 'Highscores' and 'Inventory' table for storing app data using Easy Tables.
  2. In Unity open scene file(s) inside the Scenes folder:
    • HighscoresDemo.unity
    • InventoryDemo.unity
  3. Then select the AppServicesController gameobject in the Unity Hierarchy window and paste your Azure App Service URL into the Editor Inspector field.
    alt Unity Editor Mobile Services config

Setup Azure App Services with Authentication

This demo uses Facebook identity to save user's highscore or inventory items:

  1. Create Facebook app
  2. Fill in the Azure App Services Authentication settings with Facebook App Id & App Secret.
  3. Paste Facebook access user token into Unity access token field to enable Login button.
  4. Modify 'Highscores' and 'Inventory' table script (using 'Insert' snippet below) to save

Easy Table Insert script (tables/Highscores.js, tables/Inventory.js)

var table = module.exports = require('azure-mobile-apps').table();
table.insert(function (context) {
	if (context.user) {
		context.item.userId =;
	return context.execute();

Setup Azure App Services custom APIs with Easy APIs

With Azure App Services you can create custom APIs using Easy APIs.

  1. Create a 'hello' api (using "get" method) to say hello! (Example Easy API message script below)
  2. Create a 'GenerateScores' api (using "post" method) to generate 10 random scores. (Example Easy API query script below)

Easy API 'hello' script (api/hello.js)

module.exports = {
    "get": function (req, res, next) {
        res.send(200, { message : "Hello Unity!" });

Easy API 'GenerateScores' script (api/GenerateScores.js)

var util = require('util');
module.exports = {
    "post": function (req, res, next) {
        var insert = "INSERT INTO Highscores (username,score) VALUES ";
        var i = 10;
        while (i--) {
            var min = 1;
            var max = 1000;
            var rand = Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min)) + min;
            var values = util.format("('%s',%d),", 'Zumo', rand);
            insert = insert + values;
        insert = insert.slice(0, -1); // remove last ','
        var query = {
            sql: insert
            res.send(200, { message : "Zumo set some highscores!" });

Known issues

  • There is an issue with PATCH on Android using UnityWebRequest with Azure App Services. Android doesn't support PATCH requests made with UnityWebRequest needed to perform Azure App Service updates. One workaround is to enable the X-HTTP-Method-Override header. Here's the quick fix for App Services running node backend:
    1. Install the "method-override" package.
      npm install method-override --save
    2. In 'app.js' file insert:
      var methodOverride = require('method-override');  
      // after the line "var app = express();" add  

This will enable PATCH requests to be sent on Android.


Dependencies included

  • TSTableView is used to display recyclable list of results.

Dependencies installed as git submodules

Refer to the download instructions above to install these submodules.

Questions or tweet #Azure #GameDev @deadlyfingers