REST Client for Unity with JSON and XML parsing. (Features JSON helper to handle nested arrays and deserializing abstract types)
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REST Client for Unity

For Unity developers looking to use REST Services in their Unity game / app.

RESTClient for Unity is built on top of UnityWebRequest and Unity's JsonUtility to make it easier to compose REST requests and return the results serialized as native C# data model objects.


  • Methods to add request body, headers and query strings to REST requests.
  • Ability to return result as native object or as plain text.
  • Work around for nested arrays.
  • Work around for parsing abstract types on UWP.

How do I use this with cloud services?

Checkout the following projects for Unity which were built using this REST Client library as examples.

Example Usage

This snippet shows how to POST a REST request to a new Azure Function HTTP Trigger "hello" sample function:

using RESTClient;
using System;
public class RESTClientExample : MonoBehaviour {

  private string url = "https://***"; // Azure Function API endpoint
  private string code = "***"; // Azure Function code

	void Start () {
		StartCoroutine( SayHello(SayHelloCompleted) );

	private IEnumerator SayHello(Action<IRestResponse<string>> callback = null) {
		RestRequest request = new RestRequest(url, Method.POST);
		request.AddHeader("Content-Type", "application/json");
		request.AddQueryParam("code", code);
		request.AddBody("{\"name\": \"unity\"}");
		yield return request.Request.Send();

	private void SayHelloCompleted(IRestResponse<string> response) {
		if (response.IsError) {
			Debug.LogError("Request error: " + response.StatusCode);
		Debug.Log("Completed: " + response.Content);



Requires Unity v5.3 or greater as UnityWebRequest and JsonUtility features are used. Unity will be extending platform support for UnityWebRequest so keep Unity up to date if you need to support these additional platforms.

Supported platforms

Intended to work on all the platforms UnityWebRequest supports including:

  • Unity Editor (Mac/PC) and Standalone players
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows 10 (UWP)


  • Remember to wrap async calls with StartCoroutine()
  • Before building for a target platform remember to check the Internet Client capability is enabled in the Unity player settings, otherwise all REST calls will fail with a '-1' status error.

Questions or tweet @deadlyfingers