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Releases: Universal-Team/3DEins

3DEins & DSEins v0.2.0!

20 Jun 15:33
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DSEins, the NDS version of 3DEins is now included as well!

What's new?


  • Add the initial release of DSEins, the NDS version of 3DEins! This is it's first release, so it could be buggy, feel free to report bugs, if there are any on the issue section or on the Universal-Server here.
    NOTE: This release is NOT really much graphical, but the next version will be better for sure.


  • Add a draw and play animation (can be enabled / disabled in the Settings.)

3DEins & DSEins

  • Use DSEins / 3DEins-Core which is made by me, StackZ. The core includes a proper cardset of 108 cards.. like the regular game! So that way.. you cannot have like 6 times Draw 4 which is a nice improvement to the old version!

  • Added Single Player mode with AI!

  • Full Translations of: Bruh, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese and Russian!

How to update


  • Download DSEins.nds and put it to your SD Card.
  • Start it using Twilight Menu++ or whatever you like.
    3DS User: You can install the CIA as well, but you need the NDS file as well into the root or at sd:/_nds/DSEins/.


  • Download 3DEins.3dsx or 3DEins.cia and put it to your SD Card.
  • If downloading the CIA, install it using FBI. If 3dsx, open it using the Homebrew Launcher.

We hope you enjoy using DSEins & 3DEins v0.2.0! ~Universal-Team

3DEins first Release!

16 Feb 21:43
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This is 3DEins' first Release.

It is basically a clone of the Cardgame UNO.

What does it have so far?

  • Multiplayer on one console up to 4 Players.
  • The ability to load Custom Sets for the Characters & Cards.
  • The ability to customize the Colors of the UI.


  • Not all Translations are done or being worked on. If you like to help, feel free to translate with crowdin.
  • You cannot counter a Draw 2 or Wild Draw 4 Card as of this release.

Have fun with the first Release of 3DEins! ~Universal-Team.