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Unvanquished Assets

This is a set of repositories tracking assets for the Unvanquished game.


Assets packages tracked under UnvanquishedAssets umbrella:

Repository Issues Merges
map-antares_src.dpkdir issues merges
map-chasm_src.dpkdir issues merges
map-forlorn_src.dpkdir issues merges
map-parpax_src.dpkdir issues merges
map-perseus_src.dpkdir issues merges
map-plat23_src.dpkdir issues merges
map-spacetracks_src.dpkdir issues merges
map-station15_src.dpkdir issues merges
map-thunder_src.dpkdir issues merges
map-vega_src.dpkdir issues merges
map-yocto_src.dpkdir issues merges
res-ambient_src.dpkdir issues merges
res-buildables_src.dpkdir issues merges
res-legacy_src.dpkdir issues merges
res-players_src.dpkdir issues merges
res-soundtrack_src.dpkdir issues merges
res-voices_src.dpkdir issues merges
res-weapons_src.dpkdir issues merges
tex-all_src.dpkdir issues merges
tex-common_src.dpkdir issues merges
tex-ej01_src.dpkdir issues merges
tex-exm_src.dpkdir issues merges
tex-ex_src.dpkdir issues merges
tex-pk01_src.dpkdir issues merges
tex-pk02_src.dpkdir issues merges
tex-space_src.dpkdir issues merges
tex-tech_src.dpkdir issues merges
tex-trak5_src.dpkdir issues merges
tex-vega_src.dpkdir issues merges
unvanquished_src.dpkdir issues merges

Fetching, building, packaging

To fetch assets you need the git version control system, and to build them you need the urcheon build tool, and its dependencies.

Clone this repository, enter it

git clone
cd UnvanquishedAssets

Clone every package

git submodule update --init --recursive

Fetch updates for every package

git submodule foreach git fetch

Checkout reference for every package

git submodule foreach git checkout 'unvanquished/0.51.1'

Prepare assets for mapping (generate IQM models and materials for example)

urcheon prepare src/*.dpkdir

You can now use src/ as a pakpath with netradiant and with q3map2.

Build test dpkdir (using final formats) for every package

urcheon build src/*.dpkdir

You can now use build/test as pakpath with daemon.

Build delta test dpkdir for everything but maps, and complete dpkdir for maps

shopt -s extglob
urcheon build -r 'unvanquished/0.51.1' src/!(map-*).dpkdir
urcheon build src/map-*.dpkdir

Packaging final release dpk for every package

urcheon package src/*.dpkdir

You can now use build/pkg as pakpath with daemon

Cleaning built files

urcheon clean src/*.dpkdir