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upbase 0.1.0

This is a CSS helper library to assist in all kinds of common front-end tasks. It's not a "framework" like Boilerplate, but is meant to support a designer coding their own front end and make common tasks easier and more robust.

Installation (assuming you have Bower and Compass installed):

  1. From the root of your project, install the Upbase repo using bower install git@github.com:Upstatement/upbase.git
  2. Copy the config.rb file to your root from the config folder inside the upbase folder
  3. Verify that the paths in config.rb match the paths you'd like to watch for your project
  4. Run compass watch on the root of your directory
  5. Verify that the css and sass directories have been created
  6. Navigate to your sass folder and create a file like style.scss.
  7. Add the line @import "base"; to the top of the style.scss file. This connects the files in sass to the components in upbase.
  8. You're good! Sass away and make sure the output is showing up in css or wherever you told it to put the compiled output.


This library requires Compass or a compiler like LiveReload to watch and compile the scss. Optimal installation requires Bower.

Yeoman usage

The primary usage for this right now is to deploy it with Yeoman using the Upbase generator found here: https://github.com/Upstatement/generator-upbase/

Directory Structure

Here's a guide to what lives where, and how to use it:

+--README.MD // you're reading it!
+--bower.json // tells bower to grab it
| |
| +--config.rb // this is the config file for compass. Move this to the root of your project.
+--/components // Where all the Upbase scss files live
| |
| +--_base.scss // Imports all the junk
| +--_layout.scss // Helpers for layout including Media-grid and cols()
| +--_mixins.scss // Mixins for various things like SVG
| +--_normalize.scss // Not sure
| +--_reset.scss // Resets CSS
| +--_variables.scss // Variables for things
+--/js // Where all the Upbase scss files live
+--upbase.js // JS helpers for compatibility in older browsers and stuff like .even .odd counting.